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"I started working with Karina upon graduating from Harvard as I was looking to pursue my ideal career. Working with Karina, I learned to become more fearless and go for the things I truly wanted to pursue in life. I have also learned to observe myself more and have gained confidence in myself to take the necessary steps that led me to find a job that fulfills many important aspects of my life including my happiness. Her sessions are very creative and they match my style which makes me want to continue coaching indefinitely."

Jay P.

"My experience with Karina was very gratifying, she has a wonderful gift to listen to you and help you focus on achieving your goals. I attended various of her seminars and she is very assertive and pleasant. She is someone that makes you feel comfortable. With her, I learned to pay attention to and appreciate the little things in life. I learned to cultivate my happiness every day and among anything to see the positive side of life situations. "



"My happiness coaching experience with Karina has enableme to discover my life purpose and work towards achieving my goals. Through a strengths based approach, she has helped me figure out  the steps needed to achieve those goals. My sessions with Karina were always very insightful and productive.  She has been extremely supportive, compassionate, a great listener, and has tremendously helped me to find out and  focus on what is really important to me.  Thanks to Karina I'm now on the path to a fulfilling life.  "


"Karina is a powerful, 'transformational' speaker. I attended two of her speeches delivered to the community and every time I was captivated by the stories and the insights I received. She has a gift of bringing out the best in her audience. Once you hear Karina speak the message you are receiving will be staying with you. I highly recommend you hire Karina to speak at your community events, school, or corporation."

Florentina Alden, MA Executive Wellness Coach & Consultant Founder - Wellness of Leadership

"My experience with Kary was very gratifying, she helped me to believe in myself, look at situations (negative and positive) in a different way and achieve what I set mind into, whether is big or small.

There are no words to thank you for how much you have helped me, you have inspired me to trust you and tell you about my life issues. All the words you have told me changed my life for good.  Thank you for taking the time, patience and for being so understanding. Being a coach is not something easy and that is why I admire you, you don't judge anyone and respect other's opinions, it is difficult to find people like that now days. Thank you for bringing that positivity into my life."

Tatiana Carrillo 

"Very few seminars deliver such a strong message as "why happiness" did. In a few user friendly/comprehensive illustrations Karina managed to bring awareness to the root cause of current major discomforts; through the series, she portrayed powerful coping mechanisms to enhance drive and enthusiasm, delivering as a result, a winning edge to reach my greatest dreams.  It is with great pleasure that I recommend this seminar for those willing to make a change in their life today."

Khalil T.

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