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Individual Coaching Sessions

  • 1 hour
  • 75

Service Description

45 min complimentary session: This is a session to explore if coaching is the right fit for what you need as well as if we are a fit for one another. We go over the dynamic of what positive psychology coaching entails and what you can expect from it. Sometimes in these sessions people realize perhaps coaching is not what they need in this moment but instead therapy or some other professional support. For some other people, this is a confirmation that this actually what they need and that they are fully ready to take charge of their own lives through happiness coaching. Initial session: $120 (1 hour) we take a global look at your life and how you see yourself in terms of your own happiness. We look at what is missing right now in your life that if you were to change that will make the greatest impact in your life. We visualize yourself as your greatest potential and go back from that vision to start a process of manifesting the very life you truly desire to live in the here and the now. We choose goals and objectives to focus on during the time that we will ork together (12 weeks) so that by the end of the coaching cycle you have achieved the results you set to create in your life that will lead you into living a more meaningful and fulfilling life. One -on -one Coaching sessions: $75 per session ( $55 when paid 4 sessions in advance) 45 mins Each session will build up from the other in order for you to: 1. explore in depth what is blocking you to live in authentic happiness (past issues, your inner talk, self sabotage behavior, etc..) 2.Look at your specific strengths and how to best utilize them in your favor as well as a variety of strategies that can help you enhance the quality of your life to start living a life of authentic happiness. 3.In every session, you will leave with an actual commitment, action chosen by yourself to move you in the direction of your dreams and goals.

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