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  • Karina Madrigal

How is sadness and crying related to happiness?

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Well, the answer is EVERYTHING. Allowing ourselves to process bluntly and openly what we feel is so important to live a life of consciousness which ultimately leads us to a path of healing that then helps us to experience our own authentic happiness.

We live in a world that has so strongly supported appearances, that lacks depth and that has mistaken feeling all the unpleasant stuff we go through as weaknesses. It is quite the opposite, however, we must always be real with ourselves in order to experience our full freedom of being.

Being able to see our darkest places and facing our deepest fears helps us grow and expand beyond limits.

It takes courage to acknowledge that we are momentarily not ok. It takes courage to grieve fully and even further to reach out for support.

When we allow ourselves to do that we only win. We gain wisdom and connection with other human beings that can also see themselves through us.

That’s why today and always I will say to you and everyone if you feel sad, angry, hopeless, scared, etc... cry and allow yourself to release all the heavy energy that is within your soul, not to be stuck in it but to let it all out and welcome the new you that is trying to emerge.

Trust it and see the purpose behind it.

Every moment in life that we go through is a gift wether we see it or not it’s up to us and our willingness to come out from the other side.

Be real, be you, allow yourself to heal and be happy.

Namaste 🙏🏼

#happiness #sadness

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