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  • Karina Madrigal

How to choose happiness in a world of chaos

In a world of chaos/confusion we ALWAYS get to choose the direction of our path. We ALWAYS get to find clarity until we focus on the outcomes we want to bring about rather than complaining and getting stuck at all that it doesn’t work. Yes, it takes; courage, strength and determination even tears at times but it is ALWAYS within ourselves to be conscious of our life choices.

Happiness is a conscious decision we get to make every day of our lives. Regardless of our circumstances, we are always capable of cultivating the attitude we want to have towards whatever experience we face. Sometimes we are conscious about this and sometimes we are not. The key is to practice the ability to stay in tune and connected towards yourself so you are aware of the power to choose how you view things and the perspectives you want to take towards life.

Happiness gets cultivated with small but meaningful practices like being able to be grateful, allowing yourself to let go of past hurtful situations and bringing more forgiveness into your soul. You get to cultivate happiness when you make time to be present for yourself and invest your time and energy in quality relationships. It is not always a straight forward path but is one for you to discover moment by moment knowing that you have access to your happiness every single day of your life.

ALWAYS aim to discover new paths., Our neurons crave new experiences and the more we nourish that the more we can flourish as human beings. Choose your path, choose your life and live with consciousness...

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