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  • Karina Madrigal

Being happy with what you have

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

We spend so much time chasing our goals our dreams and pursuing all the things that we want which is all great and this can fuel a lot of motivation towards our happiness. Yet, we can easily get lost in that path and in that searching for more of what we are missing. But instead we are missing the very thing we are chasing after which is the joy, the love, the gratitude of all that we do have and are in this very present moment.

It truly is in those moments of taking a pause, in looking within and around ourselves that we find the richness of life. It is in getting out of our own heads and dramas that we can find true joy and authentic happiness.

It is in connecting with the essence of other human beings, in practicing empathy and non judgment approaches that we can feel and understand what happiness is all about.

Happiness is not overrated, neither is a rosy thing. It’s a life decision from the moment that we wake up until the moment we go to sleep, it’s something we cultivate every single day of our lives.

So, if you want to find true happiness start by; being gentle with yourself, taking account of all that you DO have/ are, (yes all those little things they call YOUR BLESSINGS) and start getting out of your own head/dramas and connect with other human beings that may need a hug, a good word and support from you. ❤️

Stop spending so much time in all you want and start spending more time being present and embracing all you do/ have in the now. Embrace it all and you’ll find the hidden treasures you have always been looking for.

Your life is FULL, full of colors, full of lessons to be learned , full of regrets that can teach to be better, full of basic and essential blessings that make you be who you are. Embrace it ALL!

#selfacceptance #lifestyle

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