Coaching -is a process created by YOU and the COACH.  You say what you want to work on and your coach will support you get there.


Whatever it is - you name it… call it your career, relationship, desire for more out of life, finding your passion, or whatever it is. If what you want is to ultimately live a life that has meaning, purpose and it is fulfilling, Karina is PASSIONATE about helping you achieve that. Karina wants to support you find your own path to happiness with evidence-based knowledge.







How does Karina do coaching?


As a positive psychology coach, Karina, uses strategies that have been researched and proven to create positive change and authentic happiness to help you:


  • Discover what matters the most to you and what you truly want out of life


  • Discover what is blocking you from living the way you want and how to unblock yourself from those barriers that limit you to live at your fullest potential
  • Provide you with evidence-based strategies to create positive change in the areas you want to work on in your life


  • Learn what your strengths are and how you can use them even in the most challenging situations to create the life that you truly desire


  • Hold you accountable and support you to not sabotage yourself to live a meaningful life you desire


  •  Find your path to a life of  meaning, purpose and happiness

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