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About Karina

Positive Psychology and Happiness Coach

Karina is a Positive Psychology and Happiness Coach who graduated in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).  Karina has worked in the mental health area for over a decade as a researcher and more recently on a more individual basis with clients. Karina focuses on a holistic, strength-evidence base approach. She has extensively studied the science of happiness and all that helps us lead a life of meaning and authentic happiness such as mindfulness, forgiveness, human connections, acts of kindness, spirituality, healing, and inner strengths among other things. More recently, she has become very involved in working with mothers who want to heal their journeys and integrate their new life as a mom with who they know deep down in their souls they want to be.


Karina is also passionate about working with children. She believes children are the purest source of; love, beauty, innocence, and authenticity. Therefore, a big part of her mission is to love them fully and contribute to work projects that focus on treating children with the most; love, respect, and kindness, and making sure they feel seen. Therefore, she recently helped found and currently manages a kids' yoga-inspired childcare in which they do exactly that; they make sure every single child that enters the space feels; seen, loved, and cared for. All of it while creating a community of moms that come to heal and take care of themselves practicing yoga and self-care.

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