A few years ago, I moved from my home country Costa Rica to the US. At first, I wanted to experience a culture completely different than the one I grew up in, for one year. But then, I fell in love with what I perceived as a rewarding system in which you work hard and you get remunerated for. Little did I know that what I was looking forward to accomplish will become one of the greatest challenges in my life.





The 14th Dalai Lama

After deciding to start my career from zero and working hard I was able to pursue the career of my dreams, Psychology.  I worked hard and managed to transfer with honors to one of the most prestigious universities; UCLA. So far so good, right?


Well, let me back up for a bit... See, ever since I was a child I loved listening to people and supporting them in whichever way I could to make them feel better and encourage them to go for dreams and happiness. So, choosing a career path that will allow me to do that was a no brainer for me.


However, attended such a good school was a double edge sword for me. I faced lots of academic and financial stress while I was attending. My life was not the typical one of a UCLA student that had it all together. Instead, I dealt with lots of anxiety and stress due to the constant uncertainty of how I was going to manage to graduate and make this dream, become a reality.


But with the support of what I call angels of my life; family and friends who believed in my dream, I managed to graduate after a lot of hoops. In my mind, I always thought that once I accomplished such a milestone I will be completely happy. You would think right?


Well, the reality is that I wasn’t. I was grateful for having graduated from such a prestigious school. But I wasn't either fulfilled nor authentically happy. And that is what led me to my own journey of finding my OWN happiness…


Since then, I have spent over 10 years cultivating myself with lots of personal growth and academic knowledge about how happiness works and how we can nurture it more in our day-to-day. I became so passionate about it that I found my true calling, my life purpose; to help others achieve their own happiness.


I love supporting people to find what is it that makes their heart sing and what kind of lives do they truly want to live? Especially for those of us who have accomplished a lot of things in life that we thought will guarantee our long lasting happiness to only find that they didn’t. I am passionate about helping people discover what is on their way of living authentically happy and how they can overcome these challenges.


I am all about helping you discover what is at the core of YOUR happiness and helping you utilize your unique strengths to live a life that is aligned with what you love, with more confidence, courage, and meaning.


 Now you may ask what is the experience that backs my passion up.


Well, here is a little synopsis. As I said, earlier I have extensively studied the human behavior both at the personal and academic level. I have graduated from Psychology, have worked in numerous research projects that look to enhance human strengths to help us overcome our challenges and live a better quality of life.


I have worked as a Research Coordinator and been part of amazing non profit organizations such as Healthy African American Families, Los Angeles Biomedical Research Center, RAND Corporation, UCLA center for Health Services and Society.  In these projects, I had the opportunity to interview and teach classes to hundreds of people in English and Spanish. I was also honored to work with top researchers in the country to design studies that looked at how to enhance ones quality of life.


And in the latest part of my career path I have dedicated myself to study the science of happiness and Positive Psychology, extensively. I have also been trained by the highest ethical standards of the International Coaching Federation to become a Positive Psychology and Happiness Coach and deliver evidence-based information.


I deliver workshops and talks in the community as well as working with clients at the individual level. So, in short not only I have a true passion for what I do but I have dedicated my life to continuously study what makes us most happy in life.


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